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The first service outfitted for your friend-guided lifestyle.
From Hollywood to Brooklyn, Weotta's got your back.

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The Stack

Weotta's signature stack interface is built to reflect your real-life decision making process of saying yes, no, or maybe later. Watch as Weotta helps you shape your infinite wish list.

Your Friends

We all live friend-guided lives. With Weotta, you'll always know what your friends are interested in doing and you'll get notified when they want to do the same thing.


You can now use Weotta everywhere you go: from the smallest gigs in Brooklyn to the biggest draws in Hollywood, Weotta has you covered.


Weotta is your concert calendar, your must-see movie list, even your local tour guide. It knows what time happy hour is, it knows if reservations are available, it even knows if tickets are left.


Be in the loop about what's going on today, tomorrow, or even later this month, so you can have a great time when you have free time


A parent, a date, a business partner, a friend, or just you? Weotta adapts to whoever you are or whoever you're with to give you the best ideas for any occasion.